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About 1Partner

1Partner Kinnisvara is a company providing integrated real property service founded in 2004. Our experienced consultants offer agency, appraisal, building and investment management services.

Agency – purchase, sale, renting

With our help the real property can be sold or rented out rapidly and profitably. We also help the client to find a suitable object both for purchase and rent.

We use efficient marketing strategies and channels.


In case you wish to you property appraisal service, for security of a loan, appraisal of company’s assets or in some other case, our experienced specialists will help you.

We are accepted by all larger commercial banks and our accredited appraisers have been registered in the list of the state court experts.

Investments Management Service

Investments management service group has specialised in real estate development activity and management of clients’ real property portfolio.

Within the framework of service, real property investment packages will be composed from the idea to solution and the existing development projects will be serviced (service will begin from the idea, accompanied with finding a parcel of land, composing the business project, organisation of building, arrangement of sale etc. and it will end with obtaining a profit).

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1Partner Ehitus is a main building contract company established in 2006. We carry out, without a snag or hitch in the proceedings, the whole development and building process, starting from designing the buildings, building up to organisation of management.

We will be responsible for fulfilment of all obligations related to contract and we will organise the work according to your needs as main contractor, project manager or partner.

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