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Valuation service

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The valuation reports prepared by 1Partner Kinnisvara have been accepted by all Estonian banks and financial institutions. Also, we are entitled to prepare the real estate valuation reports for the courts.

1. Select a suitable service

Valuation of residential properties

The valuation of residential areas can usually be carried out within 2-3 working days, after the valuer has studied the object and the client has delivered all documents. However, you should not leave the valuation to the last minute when there is a precise deadline, as during the peak seasons the appraisers are often overloaded with orders. Equally, review of the property, discussion of the valuation results in the valuation panel and drafting of the valuation report are time consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to agree on specific dates for the valuation with the appraiser early on.

Valuation of commercial properties

In addition to the valuation of residential properties, we also perform valuations for all types of non-residential real estate properties, including production, storage and office buildings; commercial and rental properties; business land; superficies; lease contracts; business projects; etc. Alongside the valuation, this service often includes principal consultation and advice which requires time consuming preparation. That is why the date for fulfilling the order is not precisely defined, as it depends on how complicated the valuation is.You can get more information directly from the appraisers of commercial properties.

Valuation within 24 hours

To meet the clients’ wishes we also accept urgent orders. In exceptional cases we also perform the valuation of mainly residential properties within 24 hours. We have set somewhat higher prices for valuations performed outside the regular waiting list.In order to agree on the exact time and fee for the order, please contact the appraiser.

Oral valuation

Clients often need an expert opinion given as an oral evaluation of the market value of the property rather than on paper, drafted in an official style. In that case the valuer may confine himself or herself to providing a consultation on value of the real property. It is also useful when drafting the initial loan application in order to avoid confusion about the market value of the property.If it is necessary for the appraiser to visit the property, then the fee for oral valuation is up to 50% of the price in the price list of valuation services

2. Necessary documents

Valuation of an apartment

  • Documents proving the right of ownership –  the sales contract of the apartment or an extract from the register of deeds;
  • Plan of the apartment;
  • Agreements and plans of procedure of use (for use of parking lots and stalls, for use of the plot of land etc.);
  • Other basic data that might influence the market value (rent contracts, derogations, obligations assumed).

Valuation of a residential private house or summer house

Land valuation documents

Documents for valuation of commercial properties