Please ask for a personal price offer from our Tallinn or Tartu real estate property advisers or send us a request.

1Partner Kinnisvara handles all real estate issues for all clients.
We offer real estate solutions for both private and business clients.

Our professional employees offer consultations and will help you look at all the available options and market information to make the right choice for your real estate needs. By co-operating with all credit institutions we can also offer advice on obtaining the necessary loans.

With our help you can sell or rent real estate fast and profitably, making use of the most effective marketing strategies and channels.

We also offer help in finding suitable properties for purchase or rent. We will find you the best possible offers to meet your requirements.

We will see the transaction safely through from the beginning to the end, and handle all the necessary bureaucratic procedures ourselves. We will keep you informed of our activities and make each move in cooperation and consultation with you.

Our service price are favourable, but we never economise on quality. The measure the quality of our service is the list of satisfied clients.

Detailed description

Price consultation

  • When a representation contract is concluded, the price consultation for the target property is free of charge.


  • We will produce the advertising text, and draft detailed sales materials where needed (a short introduction, photos, blueprints of apartments, sketch solutions, finishing tables). We will forward information both to potential clients and to realtors from other real estate companies.
  • We will include an estimated monthly repayment of a bank loan in the advert. Where necessary, for instance with a new development project, we will ask for financing offers for the property from various credit institutions . We will work with the credit institution which makes the most favourable offer.
  • We will produce a stylish and attractive advertisement, to highlight the positive sides of the property being sold.
  • Where possible, we will place sales signs on the property and at the nearest cross-roads. We also offer to let our partner do this.
  • We will immediately inform all the realtors of 1Partner Kinnisvara about the property.
  • We actively use the Internet as a means of marketing real estate:
    • where appropriate, we will produce a separate website with maps and, if possible, virtual tours (also available in English, if desired).
    • we use the Internet databases 1Partner Kinnisvara website City24,, together with references to the website of the property.
    • advertising banners on the most popular websites.
    • we will continuously register potential clients, and when requested we will send sales materials and establish how many are interested in coming to the client days (and other general statistics).
  • Advertisements in print media:
    • as an advertising channel we will use Kuldne Börs including its Russian language insert.
    • under our large volume contracts, we will place both regular ads and boxed ads with references to the Internet ad in the newspapers Eesti Ekspress, Õhtuleht, Linnaleht and Postimees.
  • We will continuously process information received in our data bank and we will offer the property to potential interested parties.
  • Client day; we will organise client days, where desired.


Co-operation with realtors of other real estate companies is very important to us.

  • Information day for real estate companies; - presenting the property and the conditions of co-operation;
  • We will act as an operator when promoting your property. We guarantee that we will forward your sales offer to at least three top real estate companies, and that we will look after all relations with other real estate companies, at no extra charge.

  • We will draft a legally correct transaction that is in accordance with all relevant legislation;
  • Where necessary, we will prepare different versions of the contract (preliminary contract, hire and rent contract);
  • We will organise the notarisation of the transaction;
  • We will carry out the collection of all necessary documentation;
  • We will check the validity and accuracy of the documents.


  • We will organise the price negotiations of the transaction, on the basis of the interests and profit of the client who has concluded a representation contract with us;
  • We will negotiate and set up the transfer of ownership;
  • We will negotiate and set up the formalising of the transaction;
  • We will set up the preliminary contract, the preparation of the preliminary contract and the time and place of its conclusion;
  • We will set up the main contract, the preparation of the main contract and the time and place of its conclusion.


  • We will keep the client informed of all relevant moves;
  • During the period agreed upon in the contract of representation we will present written reports on our activities and on interested buyers (where and when the ads have been published, what is the feedback, list of interested parties, etc).


  • We never abandon a client even after formalising the deal and receiving our commission;
  • We are very interested in your feedback regarding the quality of the realtor service we offer.


  • In order to guarantee the best possible service we recommend concluding a contract of exclusive representation with us. The rights and obligations of both parties are established in the contract.