How to sell real estate faster and at a higher price?

Besides price, location and condition of the house visual emotion is a very important factor in acquiring the property. Prior to actual sale many little things can be done for the successful and fast sale which create suitable atmosphere and make the person want a home.

The impact of the lower costs on the price increase is often greater than the expensive ones. Thus one should start from the things related to general welfare.

Keep your documentation in order

The documentation should be reviewed before sale, otherwise the situation might occur where the buyer is found and the agreement is achieved, but the transaction is still off.

The most common reason of cancelling the transaction is that the bank refused to grant a loan to the buyer, as the documentation of the property to be bought was not in order. The absence of one necessary document might also considerably influence the value of the property – for example picturesque land plot without the building right is not much worth.

The price should be realistic

The pricing based on the inner feeling or other sales ads might not be right. The professional assessor proceeds from the actual transaction information and the potential buyer also needs an act for the receipt of the bank loan. It is worth to keep bargaining interval, but if the price is so out of place, the sales period extends and the potential buyer might have a feeling that the house on sale has some hidden weakness.

Photos are extremely important

The most eye-catching part of the real estate ad is the good photos. People look also for an emotion and the use of professional photographer who finds the best angle, light and details, could be worth considering here.

Are the major repairs worth doing?

The more expensive investments should not be made in a hurry and one should assess whether the costs increase the sales price enough.

First, the facade should be put in order – removal of the old paint, repairing the plaster and painting.

Next, one should review the condition of the roof cover. Although the roof cover could be seemingly quite old, it could be at the same time weatherproof. For example, in case of sheet roof the painting could be enough and in case of stone roof removal of some stones could be sufficient. The useful life of the correctly installed sheet roof could be 60 years, in case of stone roof up to 100 years.

Organize and clean your home

It is essential to wash the windows, clean the rooms and put the excessive things away before sale.  These objects include sentimental objects for the owner such as cups or medals, also loose pots and pans.

The sanitary facilities should be also decently pre-cleaned before taking photos. The rust and dirt traces in the corners of the white shower cabins are especially disturbing.

The broken or firmly unattached objects should be repaired or fixed. The bevelled curtain rod or missing door slat gives a dirty impression of the apartment. These elements do not often cost so much, but the negative impact on the sales price could appear considerably greater.

The slightly bigger, but also necessary work could be the cleaning of the facade and roof and fixing of unattached details. In case of the private house the garden attached to the buildings should not be forgotten. The good maintenance of the garden starts foremost from lawn mowing, cutting of decorative trees and bushes and repairing of garden fence. In case of the latter the demolishing of the garden fence could also occur reasonable. The costs related to the maintenance are quite minimal, but the related impact often big.