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  • LAEV is a great example of balance

    Architecture is recognised by the story that the building tells, its location and position in the city, and the façade materials used.

    LAEV is unique in all three aspects. It has its own story, which guides people both inside and outside the building. It has a special and extraordinary location by the sea, at the start of Rocca Al Mare. It has a distinctive façade, which entices us with its luxurious glass surfaces and dynamic lamellae.

    LAEV is a great example of balance, showing us how an energy-efficient building of the future can also be exclusive, brave and energetic.

    The developer gave us, the architects, free rein to carry out their vision of a modern exclusive building that would stand out and become even more valuable over time.

    Each detail in the building is deliberate and we used several solutions that may be more expensive, but add tremendous value to the property as well as everyday life or work in the building.


  • Designer life, designer rooms

    LAEV is full of life and character, it is a dynamic building where no detail is random.

    The deep blue tones of the building, reminiscent of the bottom of the sea, change when the windows light up, giving the house a completely new colour.

    The lamellae on the façade look like waves on the sea, making the building unique and dynamic. They carry emotion, but also act as effective sunshades.

    KOKO architects are always striving towards creating something different and exceptional. The details of LAEV, from the foundation to the roof terrace, both inside and out, are the result of careful design.

    The interior architecture of the common rooms of the building is thought out to the last detail. The interior graphics of the house were created as an individual solution and overseen by graphic designer Martin Lazarev. The sea motif takes people through the common rooms throughout the building, but each floor has its own message and particular design.

    Lazarev has brought seaside animals and birds into the hallways, the car park and even the storage spaces: residents are greeted by underwater creatures on the bottom floors and by water birds at the top.




    KOKO architects are one of the most passionate and distinctive architecture agencies among the new wave of agencies that has erupted in Northern Europe. Over the last 15 years and more, their portfolio has grown to include both new buildings as well as a brilliant gallery of truly historic pearls. The agency has succeeded thanks to its ability to find archetypes and stories for buildings and locations, and do it in a way that not only appreciates the past, but adds something new to it to create architectural value for centuries.